Our Approach

The OC offers many options for orthodontic treatment including aesthetic braces, Incognito and Invisalign for teens and adults. The OC also offers a range of interceptive orthodontics suitable for under 10’s to assist growth and development

Our process

Don’t be nervous. At your first appointment we will take clinical photos of your teeth and smile, as well as appropriate radiographs followed by a consultation with Dr Tobin. Together we can discuss which option is best for you. The appointment usually takes about 45 minutes and you will be that little bit closer to a fantastic new smile!

A few days after your consultation we will email you Dr Tobin’s recommended treatment plan.

Fitting braces isn’t painful so please don’t worry!

Firstly, one of our orthodontic auxiliaries will take a 3D photograph of your face which allows us to monitor facial growth during treatment. The auxiliary will clean your teeth thoroughly before Dr Tobin bonds the brackets and places the wires.

Then we will give you some handy tips on how to look after your new braces and give you a take home pack.

Dr Tobin will see you every 6-8 weeks to adjust your braces. This appointment usually takes about 15 minutes.

Every school term Dr Tobin and the team attend our satellite practice in Marton.

The retainers are designed to hold your teeth in their new positions and prevent them from returning to their old positions. Without your retainers your teeth will move and some of your hard work will be undone.  Retainers can be ordered on our website.

Other services

Tooth Exposure

Tooth exposure is sometimes required to normalise the eruption of an impacted tooth. Dr Tobin’s training and experience in Oral Surgery has proved invaluable and allows him to expose teeth so they can be brought down into their correct position.

Gum Shaping

Gum shaping is a simple but effective procedure that sculpts the gum line to restore symmetry and enhance aesthetics.

The OC White

We use Opalescence for our tooth whitening.  Opalescence is a take home product and is very easy to use.  Active for 8-10 hours, it is perfect to use while you are asleep.  With fluoride and potassium nitrate, Opalescence helps sensitivity and strengthens enamel while creating a brighter whiter smile.

3D Printing

At the OC, we load our digital scans into our 3D printer to create an exact model of your teeth in biodegradable PLA. We don’t use old orthodontic stone models anymore. If we need to make another model, we simply print another one from your STL file. In the old days we would have needed to take another mould- not anymore!

Digital Scans

Our iTero scanner creates a digital 3D image of a patient’s teeth and bite.  These 3D images assist with treatment planning and fabrication of fully customised braces systems, including Incognito, Insignia and Invisalign.


Planmeca is a world leader in dental imaging. We use their flagship ProMax system which provides crisp full or sectional panoramic views and Conebeam CT. The quality of these images greatly assist diagnosis. Another special feature is the radiation free 3D facial scanning which is beneficial in monitoring facial growth. The Planmeca ProMax conforms to strict European low-dose protocols.

Before & After

This patient’s anterior teeth were in cross bite and had crowding.  Fixed braces were applied to correct.

The top photo shows 2 front teeth out of proportion due to being built up and made wider to fill the central space.  Although this made the space smaller aesthetics worsened.  The composites were removed and the patient had top braces to bring the teeth together.

This patient had an under bite and severe cross bite.  They required both upper and lower braces to correct this.

Payment Terms

The Orthodontic Centre offers up to 24 months Interest Free payment plans through GEM and QCard finance. No deposit is required and you have control over how much you pay each month.

If you would like to organise a GEM card please click the link below.   GEM-logo

Apply for pre-approved GEM finance

If you would like to organise a QCard please click the link below.

Apply for pre-approved QCard finance


At what age should my child see an orthodontic specialist?

Both the New Zealand Association of Orthodontists (NZAO) and the American Association of Orthodontists recommend by age 7. By that age, several permanent teeth in most children have erupted, allowing us to effectively evaluate your orthodontic condition.

What types of braces do you offer?

Do you need a referral?

Will the orthodontist remove teeth?

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How long does treatment take?

What do retainers do?

What to do in the case of an emergency

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